Vigal is a different way to observe and to surprise; always a step ahead. It is an optimist view of this world, this job, and all the people who live it and breathe it.

If you can imagine it, you can get it.

This why our clients feel unique: as everyone should.

Our collaborators are in sync with the mood of our salon, and will receive you as in a luxury hotel, so that you can fully enjoy your stay.

I thank all the staff for their passion and the love they put in what they are doing now and in what they will become.


All my experiences have led me to always choose the hardest road, the one that leaves you with no regrets.

Alessandro Viggiani

Alessandro Viggiani “VIGAL”

Art Director

ale_vertVigal was born in Milan in 1982, with a passion for drawing and art. This is why he followed the art curriculum at his high school in Monza.

In 1996, after the sudden death of one of his best friends, he understood that life won’t wait and, against everyone’s judgment, decided to turn his life upside down to become hair stylist.

He studied in the best styling schools in Milan and, just after two months, he was chosen as a model to inspire his schoolmates.

The teachers praised him and reproached him at the same time because, from the very beginning, he wanted to change traditional methods, experimenting and inventing new techniques.

He achieved the qualification of “Maestro d’Arte” aged 17 and began to travel the world to find new artistic opportunities.

Giuseppe, his right hand and collaborator, was always on his side, and together they decided to create their own project. During the day they worked hard at the salon, to grow and find new inspirations; at night, they worked in their own salon – created in their guesthouse, where they received their friends and put in practice all their passion.

In 2000, Vigal’s boss sensed his great passion and talent and offered him to open a salon in the centre of Monza, in spite of his young age.

It was a beautiful project and a great opportunity, but the future had other things in store for him: thanks to his mother, Antonietta, who always had a copy of her son’s CV with her, Vigal managed to find his way in an international brand…

After twelve years of working for fashion shows, shootings, and TV shows, of teaching in various academies between Milan and Moscow, and of opening salons all over the world, he decided it was time to fly with his own wings…

We thank all the people who turned us in who we are today, even those who don’t deserve it because they taught us how to hang in there.

A special thank goes to the people who helped us making our dreams come true: Pino and Antonietta, Gerardo and Caterina, our parents.