An exchange of energy

Anti-stress massage

The stress provoked by our modern lifestyle is compromising our health and the quality of our lives. The anti-stress massage improves our ability to adapt to everyday life, which is getting more and more frenzied and trying. Besides relenting nervous tension, the deep relaxation generated by this massage strengthens our immune system and stimulates the production of endorphins (analgesic substances) and serotonin (known as the “happy hormone”).

Candle massage

A new kind of massage that will give brilliance to your skin. Enjoy the pleasant sensation of the warm drops of butter on your skin, which melt away muscular tensions and relax the whole body. This massage has a significant effect on your spirits: it conveys the energy of fire, that is pure vitality. Furthermore, it will make your skin more elastic, smooth and soft.

Lymphatic drainage massage

It is characterised by a particular technique that requires strength, combined with light pressures and slow and harmonious manipulations. The lymphatic drainage massage aims to contrast and prevent the formation of oedemas and swelling due to water retention. This is why it is also good for pregnant women. This kind of massage allows the drainage of lymph along the very thin lymphatic vessels that run through our body to the lymph nodes. It also helps to improve the immune system.

Aromatherapy massage

It is a very antique technique that uses the power of essential oils to give physical and emotional wellness, thus being one of the best natural methods to alleviate any stress-related ailment. Essential oils are precious fluids with persistent smells; they are extracted by trees, flowers and bushes and contain all the qualities and proprieties of the plant they derive from. With aromatherapy message we exploit their therapeutic effect: thanks to inhalation, the perfumes induce the production of the so-called “happy hormones” and – penetrating into the skin – have a depurative, relaxing and revitalizing effect. It is a soft massage, made up of slow and deep manipulations, that involves body, face and scalp.

Decontracting massage

Wrong posture, injuries, abrupt movements, eating disorders and weariness: all this causes the contraction of muscles and an augmentation of its volume that limits our movements and often provokes pain. The decontracting massage is slow and localized to a specific area, and it aims to loosen tensions and relax the muscles, thus giving immediate relief. This happens thanks to deep, stretching manipulations of the muscles, combined with tractions and compressions made with hands, forearms and elbows. The positive effects of this massage are enhanced by natural oils that stimulate the nervous system and contribute to improve skin health.

Hot stone massage

It is one of the most antique massage techniques: cave men used to put hot stone on sore muscles. Hot stone therapy – besides relaxing – is also useful to contrast stress, insomnia, and to alleviate muscular and articular aches by loosening tensions – in particular when situated in the vertebral column, the principal cause of painful backaches. The therapeutic action is obtained by applying hot stones on the body that slowly release their heat. This massage gives relaxation to the body, but also has beneficial effects on spirits and mental wellbeing: two aspects that are too often neglected.