Manicure and Pedicure

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Semipermanent nail polish

Thanks to semipermanent nail polish your hands will be perfect for a longer time, without weakening or damaging nails. This technique doesn’t require neither filing before the application, nor for the removal. It is applied as normal polish, but thanks to its special formulation the drying time drastically reduces to one minute under the UV lamp. It lasts for two weeks without chipping and remaining glossy.

Traditional manicure

A correct and regular manicure treatment helps to maintain your skin and nails well groomed. To facilitate the removal of cuticles, hands are placed in warm water with olive oil extracts. Then, they are dried in a warm towel to proceed with the removal of old polish and cuticles, and filing. Each treatment ends with a pleasant hydrating massage and the application of a long lasting high quality polish.

Traditional pedicure

Regardless the season, our feet always need to be well cared for. The pedicure treatment consists of a footbath in warm water to facilitate the removal of cuticles and calluses – which can cause postural problems and foot pain. The treatment ends with a light massage that stimulate circulation and with the application of nail polish.