Hair SPA

The health of the ends comes from the skin.

Healthy hair are the result of a varied and good nutrition; vitamin A, C, B12, ferritin, zinc, proteins, and omega-3 are found in salmon, beans, carrots, walnuts, eggs and herbs, and they help to stimulate the natural growth of the hair, to keep it shiny, and to produce sebum, which are fundamental elements for the life of the hair.

Thanks to natural, high-quality products that respect our concept of health and wellbeing, we can nourish the hair from the inside to the ends. Our spa treatments with vitamins, proteins, olive oil, aloe, and jojoba are enhanced by vapour, which allows the product to penetrate by dilating the follicles and stimulating the scalp, like a micro-massage. In our salons you can touch and breath relax and wellness.