The mirror of the soul


Eyebrows are a fundamental part of everyone’s appearance because they are an element of characterisation and valorisation of the face. The choice of a particular shape comes from a study of the morphology of the face and the personality of the person. This technique allows us to enhance one’s features without altering the natural line of the eyebrows.

Eyelashes tinting

Lashes colouring makes the eyes stand out and highlights their natural colour without having to resort to mascara. It is particularly appreciated by women who enjoy the convenience of a natural make-up.

Eyelashes filler

False lashes are a tool of seduction, and they are now back in fashion after the success of the 40ies and 70ies. Their principal characteristic is to give more force and depth to the gaze, a plus for every kind of make-up. Our treatment consists in the careful application of small tufts of false lashes among one’s own lashes; this is why the result is very natural.

Delicate epilation

The quality of our waxes respects the epidermis because they contain emollient active ingredients and therefore allow the slightest stress of the treated area. Every treatment ends with a massage with a lenitive oil to remove the leftover wax and the redness.

Basic facial

The face is one of the areas of our body that needs the most care and attention. This area is daily stressed by smog and nutrition; this is why it needs to be treated with specific products for every kind of skin. Our basic facial treatment maintains the correct functioning of the skin and its natural beauty. It is accompanied by a relaxing and harmonious massage to relieve stressed skin. This treatment should be repeated every 2 months to maintain the brilliance and wellbeing of the skin.

Intensive under-eye treatment

The skin of the under-eye region is very thin and is constantly exposed to stress (wind, humidity and temperature leaps) and the natural movements of facial mimics. Furthermore, it is really susceptible to liquid and blood stagnation, thus resulting drier and more permeable than other areas of the face. This means that the skin is more predisposed to bags, circles and wrinkles. For this reason, we use a precise sequence of light kneading movements and products with decongestant, lenitive and deeply hydrating active ingredients that diminish signs of fatigue.

Dermo-purifying treatment

Ideal for impure skins that look oily and dull. People with this kind of skin usually tend to exaggerate with cleansing because they are convinced that the skin needs to be cleansed very often and with aggressive products. However, excessive cleansing could trigger an over-production of sebum or dehydration. This is why we use delicate products and with hydrating proprieties, without forgetting to re-balance sebum production and improve the appearance of the skin, making it less oily, more healthy and smooth. The final massage stimulates microcirculation and helps to eliminate toxins, thus achieving a livelier complexion.

Sensitive skin treatment

This treatment helps to contrast the fastidious sensations connected to this kind of skin and aims to protect and hydrate it in order to reduce its sensitivity and iper-reactivity. A sensitive skin is, as a matter of fact, highly irritable and it easily reacts to atmospheric agents, make-up, soaps, pollution and stress. The skin is susceptible to itching and burning sensations that are often accompanied by redness and capillary fragility. This kind of skin presents alterations in its barrier, which facilitate dehydration and aggressions of potentially irritating agents. The natural extracts obtained from plants that are contained in our specific products for delicate skins improve the reconstruction of the skin barrier, making it stronger against external aggressions. However, it is not enough. People with sensitive skin should limit the contacts with aggressive external agents – such as excessive sun exposure and jumps in temperature – and hydrate the skin from within by drinking a lot of water.

Anti-age treatment

A treatment for a skin that shows the first signs of aging, but also for a more mature one. It aims to reduce wrinkles, slackening of facial skin, dryness, dullness and it helps to prevent the damaging action of free radicals due to UV rays, pollution, smoke and stress. It is a hyaluronic acid-based treatment, an ingredient that is already in our body and makes the skin soft and visibly elastic and hydrated. Hyaluronic acid is very abundant at a younger age; however, the production of this precious substance drastically reduces in people over 25, and the first signs of aging begin to show. The result of our treatment is, therefore, a deep hydration to prevent the formation of new wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity as long as possible. Our manipulations act on the muscular fibre, thus making the skin more tonic and rejuvenated.