The temple of wellness

Delicate epilation

The quality of our waxes respects the epidermis because they contain emollient active ingredients and therefore allow the slightest stress of the treated area. Every treatment ends with a massage with a lenitive oil to remove the leftover wax and the redness.

ARIA – Detox treatment

The treatment aims at the reduction of toxins in the tissues and restores lightness and wellness to the body. It has a rebalancing effect, accelerates cellular regeneration, and creates a state of relaxation. The first step is to regenerate the skin with a scrub, made with butters and salt grains that nurture and exfoliate the skin. Afterwards, the application of a white clay mud helps to eliminate toxins and purify the skin, making it more receptive. The treatment ends with a massage with a soft and smooth cream that, thanks to its precious oils and butters, is highly nutritive. Our products, with their stimulating and energising active ingredients, revitalise the skin making it stronger.

AQA – Draining treatment

Our treatment has a draining action and improves blood circulation, thus reducing cellulites in the early stages – characterised by swelling and skin dimpling. The treatment also gives relief to people with poor blood circulation, oedema, and heaviness in the lower limbs. Caffeine, chili pepper, horse chestnut and lemon are among the main and more precious ingredients of the products we use for this kind of treatment. Our cold gel, indicated for swollen and heavy legs, drains and helps to eliminate the excessive accumulation of fluids. Our hot gel is indicated for the first signs of cellulites and instantly reactivates microcirculation. Our muds and concentrated phials improve blood circulation in the interested area and facilitate the expulsion of toxins and water retention. The treatment ends with a massage whose manipulations help to move the fluids from the lower to the upper limbs, thus alleviating tension and pain.

ETNA – Shaping treatment

Anti-cellulitis creams do not work miracles: it is a myth. However, when used with regularity and combined with massages, their active ingredients can achieve some results and make the skin smoother and more tonic. Female sexual hormones play a dominant role in the formation of cellulitis; this explains why this problem affects mostly women. These hormones increase the retention of fluids that creates an accumulation of fat – mostly on thighs and buttocks – and problems of blood circulation. This is why, to prevent cellulitis people need to change their lifestyle, in order to contrast water retention and poor circulation. Our treatment stimulates microcirculation, shaping the body and making the skin more tonic. The skin is prepared with an exfoliating gel that makes it more receptive to the active ingredients, and to improve cellular renovation. The products we use for this treatment have a thermal, slimming and shaping effect, which helps the body to contrast the accumulation of fat, the loss of skin tone and elasticity.